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discount pandora

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Girls?hands are divided into five kinds; they are beautiful slender hand, stubby-type hand, thin-type hand, small hand, rough large hands.pandora gold beads , Base on different hand shapes, you should choose different rings style.pandora charms ,

Diamond is the key of bridal jewelry, but not every bride has to wear a pair of perfect hand pandora , In fact, do not stress, just to understand their own situation, to choose according to the following principles:

Beautiful slender hand:
And cut any style and shape of the diamond can be a perfect match with them, if the money ring, coupled with large diamonds, full and graceful; if the small ring, hold the gorgeous solitaire diamond, the feeling of elegance filling your pandora ,

Stubby-type hand:
Rugby simple slender tip of the diamond single particle can be visually shows the slender fingers, so add a touch of beauty.

Thin-type hand:
Square, rectangular and round diamond can help them gain a sense was stocky, if some of the main set with dazzling diamond next to a small drill, make your fingers and splendor.

Tender and small hands:
Diamond should not be too large, the current popular solitaire diamond ring is the best choice, fresh and simple, elegant and beautiful style vividly finger.

Rough large hands:
Wide rough ring seems to be designed for this type of hand-design, large grains Lam tip line, oval-shaped diamond make it without losing the delicate atmosphere.

Above all, some brides in pursuit of large diamonds, rather than type of attention and his hands with a diamond ring. In fact, the diamond is not the bigger the better, while the color and workmanship, and have a great relationship. For example, colorless diamond is the best, with the increase of yellow color change times. Diamond's work is also important, for example, is not the designer; whether the work is not very sophisticated and so on.

Tips for the bride: to show the best aspect of the bride, on wedding day, there is usually exchanged wedding ring ceremony, and it will leave a lasting memory of the moment, so your delicate hand that day to present the most beautiful gesture.

The bride should make note of hand when the modification, insertion point of polish pink, the color white and smooth.
By doing a little hand posture can be practiced, can make their wedding day a beautiful gesture.

Do some modification in the wrist, or wear diamond bracelet, and ring each other; or tied a pretty ribbon, lovely and moving.

Try not to ring with the gloves on.

Take good care of your diamond ring on the wedding; don抰 lose your ring at this situation with a mess of people.


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